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Organisational Psychology

Includes all aspects of Organisational Psychology, and related subjects such as group relations.

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The dynamics of change: Tavistock approaches to improving social systems

In this article, Dr Mannie Sher, Director, Group Relations Programme, and Principal Researcher-Consultant at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London outlines some of the main theories and methods used by the Tavistock Institute and the Tavistock Clinic, and uses case studies ranging from banks to health organisations to show how these concepts and techniques are used in change management and to improve board effectiveness.

Transformation through tension: dysfunction to performance (and vice versa) through negative affect in teams

Transformational leadership has consistently been argued to enhance diverse team outcomes, yet related research has generated ambiguous findings.

Does psychological ownership facilitate middle-managers' entrepreneurial behaviour: the mediating role of job satisfaction

This full paper from the Organizational Psychology track of BAM 2013 explores the relationship between psychological ownership, job satisfaction and entrepreneurial behaviour in middle managers.

Validating the concept of vitality at work (VAW): a confirmatory study

This full paper from the Organizational Psychology track of BAM 2013 validates the phenomenon of Vitality at Work (VAW) for which the conceptual framework and initial exploratory findings have already been presented at the BAM Conference in 2011.

When are i-deals ideal? placing the effects of self-serving, other-serving and image-serving motivations between proactive i-deals and supervisor rated outcomes

Idiosyncratic deals which are individualized agreements between supervisors and focal employees have been practiced in work settings for a long time, but scholars have recently begun to take notice.

The impact of transformational leadership on employee creativity: mediating roles of interpersonal trust and psychological states

Economic sanctions against Iran’s business operations have brought about an uncertain environment for all Iranian manufacturing sectors, though particularly the automobile industry.

Organization service climate, psychological capital and organizational citizenship behavior

The purpose of this full paper from the Organizational Psychology track of BAM 2013 is to find out the influence of organizational service climate on employee organizational behaviour through individual psychological capital.

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