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Management Science and Operations Research

Operations Research is the application of advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. Management Science uses mathematical and scientific techniques to help organisations model and predict outcomes to inform their decisions.

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The effect of supply chain justice on suppliers' sustainability performance

The purpose of this paper is to explore the linkages between the characteristics of supplier-buyer relationships and the sustainability efforts of the supplier.

Double whammy - how ICT projects are fooled by randomness and screwed by political intent

The Iron Triangle formulates the holy trinity of objectives of project management – cost, schedule, and benefits.

Item-by-item sampling for promotional purposes

This paper presents a method for sampling items that are checked on a pass/fail basis, with a view to a claim being made about the success/failure rate for the purposes of promoting a company's product/service.

Development versus enactment: performance measurement systems in a multinational aircraft manufacturing firm

Performance measurement systems (PMS) research has received considerable attention in management accounting literature since the 1990s.

Does the macroeconomy predict UK asset returns in a nonlinear fashion? Comprehensive out-of-sample evidence

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This papers performs a comprehensive examination of the recursive, comparative predictive performance of a number of linear and non-linear models for UK stock and bond returns.

Can VAR models capture regime shifts in asset returns? A long-horizon strategic asset allocation perspective

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This paper examines whether simple vector autoregressives (VARs) can produce empirical portfolio rules similar to those obtained under a range of multivariate Markov switching models, by studying the effects of expanding both the order of the VAR and the number/selection of predictor variables included.

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